Meet Amy Zucker, Chief Operating Officer of VeriDAS Technologies

As a co-founder of VeriDAS Technologies, Amy Zucker brings 20 years of professional experience to her role as Chief Operating Officer. In this capacity, she is responsible for leading business operations, managing new business development initiatives, establishing partnerships with key industry stakeholders, expanding the organization’s national footprint and increasing market awareness. In addition to these critical roles, Amy also spearheads the company's customer service functions to develop the internal culture, processes and training programs necessary to deliver value, positive outcomes and customer satisfaction. Amy’s primary responsibility is to ensure that all customer needs are being met, while VeriDAS is meeting contractual obligations and adhering to building and fire code requirements, construction deadlines, operational best processes and quality standards.

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Over the course of her career, Amy has launched, supported and led dozens of technical, industrial and scientific companies to success.  She has served as business owner, leader and  consultant to many organizations focused on transition, growth and change. Amy offers specialized expertise in wireless communications, telecommunications, security technology, systems integration and data center operations. She also has deep knowledge across a wide range of sectors including technology, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, healthcare, higher education and agriculture.

Amy studied communications at the University of Missouri where she earned a bachelor of arts degree. In addition, she has augmented her education and professional experience through graduate school at Webster University and training programs in business leadership, client service and project management.

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