Public Safety DAS Systems

VeriDAS Technologies is a national system integrator for Public Safety DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems). We design, engineer, install and certify in-building wireless (IBW) communications systems that extend, amplify and optimize Public Safety radio frequency (RF) signal used by first responders: fire, police and emergency medical services. Our Public Safety DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) solutions comply with local and national building codes and fire safety ordinances for critical emergency radio communications signal enhancement systems. DAS ensures first responders' two-way radios can consistently send and receive RF signal while INSIDE large commercial and public-use buildings, facilities and campuses (including underground structures such as parking garages and basements).

Public Safety Distributed Antenna Systems are also called ERRCS: Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Systems or Firefighter Radio Coverage Systems. VeriDAS has a nationwide service area so please contact us for your next project.

Public Safety Distributed Antenna Systems

VeriDAS specializes in Public Safety Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) that extend, amplify and optimize indoor two-way radio frequency (RF) coverage for first responders (fire, police and emergency medical services). We design and engineer Public Safety DAS systems that comply with local building & fire codes as well as International Fire Code Section 510 (IFC 510)  and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 72 & NFPA 1221).  Our Public Safety DAS solutions deliver consistent, reliable and strong signal coverage and strength throughout large, dense and sprawling facilities and campuses including high rises, towers, underground garages, basements and parking structures.

Emergency DAS Systems for First Responders

Our Public Safety DAS Solutions are designed to support emergency response and first responders using a wide range of two way radio frequency (RF) spectrums. We offer single band and multi-band solutions:

  • 700 Mhz /800 Mhz
  • P25 Public Safety Radio Systems
  • Band 14 First Net Capable Public Safety Radio Systems
  • UHF (450 Mhz -512 Mhz)
  • VHF (150 Mhz -170 Mhz)
Nationwide Public Safety DAS Solutions

VeriDAS is a national systems integrator, so our team will travel to any job site to provide signal testing & turnkey DAS solutions:

  • Regulatory Reports Define Local Code Enforcement Requirements
  • Coordination with Local AHJs from Start to Sign-Off
  • Coordination with Public Safety Radio System FCC License Holders
  • Coordination with Construction Teams: Owners/ Developers, Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, Electrical Contractors, Fire Alarm Contractors, etc.
  • Signal Testing & Site Surveys Measure Native Signal Levels and Identify Dead-Zones
  • DAS System Design & Engineering for Targeted Signal Enhancement
  • Active & Passive DAS System Equipment & Component Procurement
  • Comprehensive Project Management
  • DAS System Installation, Commissioning & Acceptance Testing
  • AHJ Inspection Facilitation
  • ERRCS Certifications of Compliance & Annual Inspections (Re-Certifications)
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