Commercial Real Estate DAS

VeriDAS Technologies offers specialized in-building wireless communications (IWC) solutions for the Commercial Real Estate sector. We have extensive experience working with corporate headquarters, office buildings, high rises & towers, office parks and business & technology centers. We deliver Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) that extend, amplify and optimize radio frequency (RF) & cellular signal INSIDE large buildings and facilities and campuses (including underground structures such as parking garages and basements).

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) for Commercial Real Estate

VeriDAS designs, installs, certifies and supports in-building wireless Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) for commercial real estate properties. Our Public Safety DAS solutions for the commercial real estate sector comply with building and fire code for indoor emergency responder radio frequency signal strength, coverage and capacity requirements of local jurisdictions, NFPA 1221 (National Fire Protection Agency) and IFC 510 (International Fire Code). Our Cellular DAS solutions for commercial real estate deliver reliable indoor multi-carrier cellular signal coverage that meets the needs of building owners, employees, contractors and visitors. We offer Commercial DAS solutions for many types of commercial real estate buildings & facilities:

  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Business Campuses
  • Office Buildings
  • High Rises & Towers
  • Office Parks
  • Business & Technology Centers

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Commercial Real Estate DAS Solutions
  • ERRCS Regulatory Reports
  • Dead-Zone Risk Assessments for RF & Cellular Signal Coverage
  • DAS Site Surveys + Benchmarking
  • DAS System Engineering + Design
  • DAS Equipment + Parts Sales
  • DAS Project Management
  • DAS Coordination with Local AHJ
  • DAS Installation, Commissioning + Testing
  • DAS Certification + Annual Re-Certification

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