What's Interferring with Indoor Signal at Your Site?

Schedule a DAS Site Survey to Benchmark Signal Strength, Coverage & Quality

VeriDAS Technologies conducts DAS Site Surveys BEFORE designing in-building Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). Through our detailed DAS Site Survey process, we identify and document all of the critical information necessary to engineer, install, commission and certify in-building wireless communications (IBW) systems that will extend, amplify and optimize INDOOR signal strength, coverage and quality.

Our professional team of RF & DAS experts utilize industry-leading testing and measurement tools, equipment and processes. We offer benchmark testing and in-building coverage mapping for Public Safety communication networks that utilize radio frequency (RF) (including P25 and FirstNet) and multi-carrier cellular networks. Contact us today to learn more!

Distributed Antenna Systems Site Surveys

VeriDAS performs professional DAS Site Surveys for in-building wireless Distributed Antenna Systems. This important step enables us to benchmark baseline RF signal, cellular signal and broadband signal strength and coverage.

Our expert team of RF and DAS experts will travel to any location site (before or after construction has started) to evaluate the following factors:

  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Propogation Analysis
  • Unamplified Radio Frequency (RF) Measurements Including RF Noise Floor & Donor Signal Strength
  • RF Inhibitors: Terrain, Topography & Structures
  • Donor Signal Sources: Radio & Cell Towers

In addition to field signal measurements, VeriDAS also researches, documents and produces a comprehensive technical and regulatory information as part of the DAS Site Survey. The DAS Benchmark Report includes:

  • Coverage Report of Unamplified Signal Levels
  • Engineered Plan with Recommendations for Signal Enhancement System if Necessary
  • Letter of Compliance for AHJ if In-building Site Signal Coverage is Acceptable
  • Local Fire Safety & Building Code Requirements for Indoor Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Systems (ERRCS)
  • Local FCC License Holder(s) for Public Safety Radio Network (i.e. P25) Re-transmission Agreements

Contact the DAS experts at VeriDAS to schedule a DAS Site Survey.


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