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As co-founder of VeriDAS Technologies, Marc Zucker brings over 20 years of professional experience to his role as President & Chief Executive Officer. He has an impressive track record as a successful technology entrepreneur and strategic business leader of helping organizations implement transformative change that significantly improves performance across the enterprise. As a principal, consultant and equity partner in several businesses, Marc leads companies to new levels of industry success. He has extensive experience helping organizations improve operational response and efficiencies, facilitate technology migrations, form strategic partnerships, create new revenue opportunities, and develop highly effective sales, marketing and customer experience programs. His contributions improve resource allocation, productivity, service delivery, profitability, customer satisfaction and industry position.

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After working in the two-way mobile radio communications industry for two decades, Marc identified a critical challenge in delivering the last mile of public safety radio frequency (RF) and cellular signal to end users’ premises. Regardless of innovations in wireless communication technologies, signal commonly cannot reach users in the field (specifically, inside large buildings and facilities). In a mission to close this gap, Marc co-founded VeriDAS Technologies to improve indoor RF and cellular signal delivery and coverage. The company strategically focuses on offering in-building Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) for the Public Safety sector (fire, law enforcement and emergency medical services) and the Cellular market. VeriDAS provides indoor DAS solutions that ensure reliable RF and cellular signal strength, coverage and capacity.

As a seasoned business professional, Marc offers deep knowledge and expertise in a wide range of industrial, technology, scientific, medical and public service sectors. These include manufacturing, warehousing, logistics & distribution; fleet & mass transportation; healthcare; higher education; commercial data centers; cold storage facilities; IT, telecommunications & wireless communications technologies; and security, emergency response & public safety. He has experience working with large hospital systems; government facilities, municipalities & first responders; school systems, school boards and universities & colleges; national hotel, hospitality & gaming properties; large retailers, grocery stores & supermarkets; software companies; diagnostic laboratories; architectural & engineering firms; and industrial equipment manufacturers & suppliers.

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